Tuition & Fees

Primary students:

  • Kindergarten, first, & second grade primary classes are offered to support families using Memoria Press curriculum in their homeschool. The only class option is the full day program. Families must use the entire Memoria Press curriculum at home during the week.
  • On your own: purchase Memoria Press complete core curriculum for home use. See this page for complete details about using MP in your home and what to purchase.
  • The $100 Supply Fee provides everything needed for the classroom on Mondays, both academics and enrichment. Families provide no “school supplies” from home! All you will need is a book bag, lunch box/water bottle, and towel for rest time (Kindergarten only).

Grammar & Upper School students:

  • Third graders are required to take the full day of Monday courses.
  • Fourth grade and up must take three courses minimum on Mondays, but are encouraged to take all four, especially Latin & Classical Studies–the backbone of a classical education.
  • Sixth grade and up have math and science offerings on Thursdays.
  • Ninth grade and up have the option for logic on Thursdays.
  • On your own: purchase books and materials for each course according to list provided by HLN.

Fees & Tuition

Enrollment Fee, due upon enrollment to secure seat, non-refundable $125/student, $350 family max
(after 5/1) $150/student, $425 family max
(after 6/1) $175/student, $500 family max
Supply fee for Kindergarten/First/Second Graders due 7/1, non-refundable after 7/1/18 $100/student
Tuition-Kindergarten through Third Grade, non-refundable after 8/1/18
Kindergarten $1800/full day program
First Grade $1800/full day program
Second Grade $1800/full day program
Third Grade $1750/four classes
Tuition-Fourth Grade through High School Monday Classes, non-refundable after 8/1/18
Latin $500/year
Classical Studies $375/year
Literature $500/year
Composition (Fable/Narrative) $375/year
Composition (Chreia/Maxim and up) $400/year
Tuition-Sixth Grade through High School Thursday Classes, non-refundable after 8/1/18
Science (Earth, Physical, Trees/World of Biology) $400/year
Science (Biology/Lab, Intro Physics/lab) $500/year
Logic $400/year
Latin Study Session (Second, Third, Fourth Form students) $10/use, drop-in as needed or come every week.

Monitored, academic study hall option:

  • $100/year 2 hour study hall (during Latin and Literature)
  • $75/year 1.5 hour study hall (during Classical Studies, Classical Composition, and all Thursday courses)

Enrollment closes on July 1, 2018. Final enrollment submissions must be made on/before June 30, 2018.

Enrollment Information

2018-2019 Enrollment Dates

Mid/late February: Enrollment opens for current HLN families (re-enrollment of current students and new siblings)

March 2, 2018: Open enrollment for new families begins

The following forms must be read and acknowledged as part of the enrollment application. You may print copies from the following links.

HLN Acknowledgement of Our Faith stating you understand that HLN is a Christian school and agree to respect our faith and Christian identity.

HLN Parent Student Handbook 2017-2018 explaining the culture, policies, and procedures of HLN, stating you and your students agree to comply. (This will be updated slightly for 2018-2019.)

After enrollment, you will be provided with a link to a Family Administrative Form to complete for information concerning the following:

  • payment options
  • emergency contacts & authorization
  • pick-up permissions
  • media release
  • health and allergen information
  • parental availability for substitute teaching and study hall monitor
  • general and medical release

The Family Administrative Form is due August 1, 2018 with tuition payment(s).