Classical Studies

HLN is offering Greek Myths, Famous Men of Rome, Famous Men of Greece, Aeneid/Ancient Rome, and Greek Tragedies for 2017-2018.

Here is the standard Memoria Press sequence for Classical Studies. Please note that older incoming students may want to read any texts they’ve missed to shore up their foundation:

  • D’Aulaire’s Greek Myths
  • Famous Men of Rome
  • Famous Men of the Middle Ages
  • Famous Men of Greece, Horatius at the Bridge
  • Book of the Ancient Greeks, The Iliad, The Odyssey
  • Book of the Ancient Romans, The Aeneid
  • Greek Drama: The Orestian Trilogy, The Three Theban Plays, Medea & Other Plays
  • Classical Political Philosophy: Cicero’s On Obligations, The Republic, and The Laws
  • Classical Metaphysics: Plato-The Last Days of Socrates: Apology, Phaedo, Aristotle: Selections, Cicero-On the Nature of the Gods, Aquinas-A Summa of the Summa, Copleston-A History of Philosophy, Vol 1
  • Art & Architecture of Western Civilization


Grammar School Classical Studies* (1.5 hour class) – 10:00 to 11:30

These classes successfully prepare students to read the great classics offered in our upper-level Classical Studies. Students will study Greek Mythology then Roman, Medieval, and Greek history over the course of one year for each subject – allowing students to immerse themselves in each particular culture, building a foundation that will go forward with them throughout their education. (Grades 3-7)


Upper School Classical Studies* (1.5 hour class) – 10:00 to 11:30

Roman History & Virgil’s Aeneid:

This class consists of a systematic study of Roman history followed by a detailed reading of one of the great literary pillars of the classical world: Virgil’s Aeneid. Course materials include Dorothy Mills’ Book of the Ancient Romans and David West’s translation of the Aeneid, along with the Memoria Press Aeneid Study Guide. This is highschool-level content covered in a way appropriate for slightly younger students. (Grades 8+, Prerequisite: students must have read both Iliad & Odyssey. Samuel Butler Translation recommended. HLN 2016-2017 Iliad/Odyssey students eligible.)

Course Materials, all of the following:

Greek Tragedies:

The three great tragic playwrights: Aeschylus, Euripides, and Sophocles. Students will conduct a survey of Greek dramatic literature by reading a selection of Greek plays. Students will acquire a familiarity with Greek drama and cultivate skill in reading and understanding its dramatic and poetic forms. Additionally, the dramas will serve as a window into the Greek world and mind. Students will seek to understand the Greeks both from the perspective of a Greco-Roman worldview and from our perspective, thus achieving an awareness of the weighty influence of Greek drama on Western civilization and subsequently developing an appreciation for the relevance it still holds for the modern reader. (Grades 9+, Prerequisites: students must have read the Iliad, Odyssey, and Aeneid and Book of the Ancient Greeks, or similar.)

Coure Materials, all of the following:

HLN is offering Greek Myths, Famous Men of Rome, Famous Men of Greece, Aeneid/Ancient Rome, and Greek Tragedies for 2017-2018.

Please note: If there are 6 or more students who would like an additional classical studies course, we will try to offer it. Please contact the Directors to inquire.