Third Grade

Third grade is a transitional year for students moving from our Primary program into the Grammar School. They physically move into a new space called the Greathouse building. There is a new drop-off and pick-up door and they are in the company of the older HLN students. Curriculum-wise, there is a shift into the four block schedule that the older students experience as well–Latin, Classics, Literature & Poetry, and Composition.

Parents will purchase curriculum (see below) for the four HLN classes and are encouraged, but not required, to use the full Memoria Press Accelerated Third Grade package* at home. This will provide some latitude for parents who would like to tweak things at home in the non-Monday subjects as their children grow.

*N.B. If purchasing the Accelerated Third curriculum, parents will need to ask that Intro to Composition (Student and Teacher manuals) be substituted for the IEW/All Things Fun & Fascinating Program and Prima Latina be substituted for Latina Christiana, if not already owned. The DVD is not needed.

Tuition for the full day Third Grade program is $2000.

Monday Schedule:

  • Latin – Prima Latina
  • Greek Myths
  • Literature A (Farmer Boy, Charlotte’s Web, A Bear Called Paddington, Mr. Popper’s Penguins) and Poetry for the Grammar School
  • Intro to Composition* & English Grammar Recitation 1 (*N.B. This is a substitute for the IEW All Things Fun & Fascinating that comes in the Accelerated Third package.)
  • Students will have both morning and afternoon play breaks in the gym and a 30 minute lunch with the rest of the school.

Parents will receive paper and emailed weekly work assignments for these four courses to be completed Tuesday-Friday at home. Parents may work from the Accelerated Third Grade MP Package, or select their own studies for math, science, spelling, Christian studies, cursive, and history/geography.

For links to complete class materials, see our Book List

The following year, these students will move into the following classes in fourth grade: Latina Christiana, Classical Studies-Famous Men of Rome, Literature-Literature B (Heidi, Lassie, Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe), and Classical Composition (Fable Stage).

For students who plan to attend at HLN long term, we recommend staying as close as possible to the complete Memoria Press curriculum packages during the grammar school years. This will enable students to stay on track and join in the Thursday HLN offerings of math and science in 6th grade with their peers. Additionally, it will ensure that students are prepared in both skills and content to meet the academic challenges that lie ahead with confidence.

Greek Myths (virtual) Feast of the Gods play and year-end celebration.

We always encourage taking the very long view in your homeschool journey. Click here to see HLN’s Scope and Sequence for third through twelfth grade. Looking at where a curriculum and tutorial take you in high school is a good way to determine if it is right for you now.