Third Grade

Third grade is a transitional year for students moving from our Primary program into the Grammar School years. To ease this transition, we offer a full day program for third graders that features a single teacher in a contained classroom for the day. Students continue to do the “Monday work” from their lesson plans as in previous years. Students will begin the study of Latin using Prima Latina. Students will work from the Memoria Press Accelerated Third Grade Package at home. Use of the full MP curriculum at home is required to facilitate work together on Monday. ***N.B. Parents will need to ask that Intro to Composition (Student and Teacher manuals) be substituted for the IEW/All Things Fun & Fascinating Program.

Tuition for the full day Third Grade program is $2000.

Sample Monday Schedule:

  • Weekly recitation
  • Latin – Prima Latina
  • Exploring Arithmetic 3
  • English Grammar Recitation 1
  • Spelling Workout D
  • New American Cursive 3
  • Literature A (Farmer Boy, Charlotte’s Web, A Bear Called Paddington, Mr. Popper’s Penguins)
  • Greek Myths (Note: This “Tuesday course” in the plans is swapped with the Christian Studies normally done on Monday. Christian studies will be completed at home.)
  • Intro to Composition (Note: This is substitute for IEW All Things Fun & Fascinating.)
  • Read-aloud
  • Students will have both morning and afternoon play breaks in the gym and a 30 minute lunch with the rest of the school.

Parents complete Tuesday-Friday work at home, just as they have done in the Primary classes.

The following year, these students will move fully to the four class block schedule with the rest of the older students with the following classes in fourth grade:

  • Latin-Latina Christiana
  • Classical Studies-Famous Men of Rome
  • Literature-Literature B (Heidi, Lassie, Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe)
  • Classical Composition (Fable Stage)