Classical Composition

Going back to the method of writing instruction used for over 2,000 years, Memoria Press’ Classical Composition teaches the student 14 composition skills, called the “Progymnasmata,” or “progym.” These skills are the set of elementary rhetorical exercises that form the basis of persuasive writing. They were employed by Quintilian and Cicero to teach writing and produced writers such as Milton, Shakespeare, and Benjamin Franklin. These classes move at an age-appropriate pace, and they provide your student with the tools to communicate with clarity and force. Never heard of the progymnasmata? Take a moment to explore this article, Introduction to the Progymnasmata.

6th-8th graders new to Memoria Press may benefit from an accelerated sequence through the first two levels. Please see the additional notes below* and speak to the Directors if this applies to your family. This can be accomplished over the summer in preparation for enrollment.

High school students new to Memoria Press may want to consider the fast-track three year sequence offered through the Memoria Press Online Academy. Students may take one or more years with the Online Academy and then join an HLN class with their peers. Honors English 9 (or 10/11/12) Literature/Composition is the title you should use when combining an HLN Literature course with a Classical Composition course for one English credit on your student’s transcript.

Click on the links below to watch a short video describing each level.


Courses offered and materials:

*High school students taking Classical Composition at HLN should ask their umbrella program about counting credit for these classes as distinct writing courses (Refutation/Confirmation Writing Course, etc) instead of including them in their yearly English credit. These courses are worthy of stand alone credit due to the amount of writing expected, in addition to their Literature and Classics courses.