Is HLN a good fit?

Highlands Latin Nashville is a Highlands Latin School trademarked cottage school and holds accreditation through the Classical Latin School Association of which it is also a Partner Member. HLN provides weekly classes conducted by teachers for specific subjects. HLN’s teachers provide all or most of the instructional portion of the week’s work for tutorial subjects including work to be completed at home. All work that is assigned is purposeful for learning, retention, and growth in the subject matter as well as to aid the student in their development as an independent learner over time.

Parents are responsible for overseeing that work is completed as assigned including following any teacher instructions for marking work, returning work to the teachers, and adhering to due dates. It is the parent and student’s responsibility to communicate proactively with teachers if there is difficulty with class material. 

HLN is not an umbrella school/CRS and parents must register as Independent Homeschoolers or with an umbrella/CRS program. See HSLDA for TN law here. HLN requires registration through HomeLife Academy for students in 8th-12th and recommends HomeLife Academy ( for all families.

HLN provides instruction and accountability but does not issue grades. Parents mark work using their Teacher Guides and submit grades to their umbrella/CRS. By high school, students often receive feedback in courses like Composition as well as Literature and Classics on writing assignments. Some teachers may elect to grade tests themselves.

Questions for family discussion:

  1. Do you agree with what we teach?  HLN uses Memoria Press curriculum, Novare Science, and traditional math texts. We emphasize Latin, the cultures of Greece and Rome, and the connectedness of all learning through the liberal arts and Great Books. The liberal arts are the universal linguistic and mathematical skills that prepare students to become independent learners. The Great Books are the means by which we pass on the cultural heritage of the Christian West. In the early years, HLN provides students with the classical skills (reading, writing, and arithmetic) that will serve them as they age and deepen their studies. Courses build upon one other from year to year so that by high school students are well equipped to participate meaningfully across all areas of study.
  2. Do you agree with how we teach? HLN is a traditional, teacher-led tutorial. Students sit at tables facing the teacher.  The teacher leads the students in discussion and assignments. Classrooms are orderly. Students are expected to attend, participate, and complete all assigned work. We emphasize the delight that comes from learning and knowing worthy things.
  3. Do you agree with why we teach?  Classical education is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue through the study of the liberal arts and the Great Books. It is an education in the true, the good, and the beautiful. HLN’s purpose is articulated best in our mission: In partnership with parents, and guided by the Gospel, we seek to educate students to the highest standards of the classical tradition, so that they may grow in knowledge, wisdom, and the love of Our Lord, and more ably use their gifts in the service of others, and for the glory of Christ and his Church.

An excellent resource for getting to know the Memoria Press Curriculum and the Highlands Latin School model is through this Classical Et Cetera series: