Books & Materials

Memoria Press

All books and course materials will be purchased by parents.

Book lists for classes are available here. HLN families are afforded a single-use 10% off discount when ordering directly through Memoria Press. Please call to place your order or contact the Directors for an online code. 

Books should be ordered no later than mid-July.

You can help HLN by using our affiliate code “HighlandsLatinNashville” when purchasing directly from Memoria Press. Simply type in this code at checkout in the coupon code box. Thank you!

Kindly note the discount cannot be used on complete core packages which are already deeply discounted or stacked with free shipping offers. You may choose to use your 10% discountĀ or the free shipping, whichever is more advantageous.

We encourage HLN families to use Memoria Press for all their homeschooling curriculum. Do you need to customize because your student doesn’t fit cleanly into one grade package? That’s no problem at all; just call MP and they can help you customize a package for your student that will cover all your HLN & homeschool subjects. 877-862-1097