How to prepare for HLN

Students under fourth grade:

  • Use MP full Primary curriculum packages for Kindergarten to Third Grade. Preschool and Jr. Kindergarten  packages are also available.
  • Start cursive in first grade (New American Cursive 1) and continue each year. HLN teachers write in cursive on the board in first/second grade and up.
  • N.B. HLN does not start Prima Latina until 3rd grade and will not place a student in First Form before 5th grade.

Rising fourth graders and up:

  • Consider using Memoria Press Curriculum (in part or whole). If you have placement questions for your children, call MP directly for one-on-one placement assistance at (502) 966-9115.
  • Learn and master cursive writing for speed and style. Consider Teach Yourself Cursive for students in fifth grade and up. Rapid and legible penmanship is necessary in a classroom learning environment. HLN teachers write in cursive on the board to teach.
  • Be faithful with mastering arithmetic in preparation for upper school math and science.

A word on cumulative studies:

  • If new to Latin, fourth graders can start Latina Christiana at home to ramp-up for First Form. If fifth grade or older, begin First Form Latin using the complete set with DVDs/streaming instruction. The Memoria Press Online Academy (MPOA) is also an option for live, weekly classes with a master teacher.
  • If currently taking Latin, work diligently to master forms, vocabulary, and grammar questions. Each level assumes mastery of the previous Form. Students new to HLN will have to demonstrate that they have successfully completed the previous Form to be admitted later in the sequence. Directors may ask for workbook samples and graded assessments.
  • If new to Classical Composition and your student is in fifth grade or up, see this suggested accelerated sequence. High schoolers should consider the accelerated High School Composition sequence through MPOA.