HLN Book Fees by Course

Families may purchase their course materials through HLN or directly through Memoria Press. Details lists and links are provided in the course descriptions. See below for a list of HLN’s book order prices. The deadline to order books through HLN is July 1, 2017. Order and fee must be submitted by that date.

HLN Book Order Prices by Course–Includes all student and teacher materials needed to complete the course.


  • Latina Christiana: $45
  • First, Second, & Third Form, $65/each

Classical Studies

  • Greek Myths, Famous Men of Rome, Famous Men of Greece, $50/each
  • Roman History/Aeneid, $75
  • Greek Tragedies, $130


  • All sets with novels, $95/each (Lit 3, 4, 6, 8, 9)

Classical Composition

  • All levels, $45/each


Math & Science:

Estimated costs are listed below, subject to change. Families who enroll in math and science courses will be updated when these fees are finalized.


  • Pre-Algebra $48 (Student Book, Solutions Manual, Quizzes and Tests, Quiz and Test Answer Key)
  • Algebra I $84 (Textbook, Quizzes and Tests, Quiz and Test Answer Key)


  • Earth Science $112.50 (Textbook and Resource CD)
  • Physical Science $112.50 (Textbook and Resource CD)
  • Biology $85.50 (will increase to include Resource CD)